Bold school principal snubs complaints about kids flying Old Glory – and look what happens!

“It was amazing.”

Mike Huckabee makes ‘racist’ Cinco de Mayo declaration that furious libs are hoping he’ll keep

Too far?

Infuriating video shows mother & father threatened with JAIL when Delta boots toddler from prepaid seat

“It’s a federal offense.”

President Trump to thunderous NRA crowd: ‘8 year assault on Second Amendment’ is OVER

“You came through for me.”

HGTV’S top stars are in the spotlight again, and could be in for some trouble as targets of new lawsuit

After facing down liberal outrage because they happenedto be Christians, HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are now facing trouble of a different sort. According […]

Group of white Southern Baptist profs posing as rappers in playful pic has libs in major uproar

It was a je!

Can beer heal division? Politically-charged Heineken ad touted as the ‘antidote’ to Pepsi’s colossal failure

“I would describe my political views as the new right.”

Biggest boneheaded move ever? Man facing traffic ticket drops bag of cocaine right in front of judge

“So, not a good day for him.”

Tillerson takes sensible, private sector approach to filling gov’t positions, and it’s driving libs crazy

Why hire if the jobs are going to be eliminated?

Florida senior turns heads wearing BLM activist prom dress that features a familiar face

Nothing says having fun like some divisive political activism.

Florida city to raise controversial flag for Confederate History Day ceremony

“Today they just want to erase all this history.”

Sebastian Gorka tells clueless students they’re ‘victims of fake news’ before walking off panel

“Absolutely, utterly, categorically deny. The idea that I did that, for anybody who knows me, again, is absurd.”

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