Notre Dame snowflakes’ online campaign to stop Pence hijacked by adults with no patience for nonsense

“Bunch of little sissies.”

Community stunned when body of first female Muslim judge is found in the Hudson River

Deepening the mystery, there were no signs of trauma …

Ever wonder who’d win in a horse vs alligator match? Stunned Florida onlookers got to find out

You definitely don’t see this everyday.

Volunteer Easter egg hunt gets cancelled and the reason is going to infuriate you

And now the volunteers are under attack!

‘Should I be embarrassed?’ George W. Bush’s daughter just let slip a family secret about grandma


Decrease in rape & violent crime reports among Latinos proves illegal immigration is dangerous…for everyone

“Imagine a young woman — imagine your daughter, sister, mother…”

Judge Jeanine screen shot
Judge Jeanine demands facts; scorches Elizabeth Warren’s anti-Gorsuch charade in blistering tirade

“Most incredible about this…”

MSNBC really knows how to enrage its base! Replacing Maddow with a man for live coverage not the best idea

Does MSNBC even know its base?

Debra Messing nukes herself with clueless and premature Gorsuch, Nunes celebration

“The ‘resistance’ is working!”

Young woman faces felony charge after vicious encounter with 67-year-old over minor fender bender

“And my apologies to her and her family, whatever.”

‘Hey, can we reschedule those pictures?’ Mom NOT amused when dad pulls hilarious April Fools’ prank

“I’m freaking out! … WHY Bobby, WHY, WHY, WHY?”

Will Ivanka learn a lesson on liberal ‘common ground’ after report of ‘secret’ meeting with Planned Parenthood?

“She doesn’t have a clue what the average woman has to go through!”