Dave Chappelle’s politically incorrect specials on Netflix are freaking out the snowflakes

“Trump’s kind of bad for comedy.”

Trump delivers message of friendship on St. Pat’s Day, and bitter libs STILL find something to squawk about

Apparently, “bah hum bug” isn’t just for Christmas.

NY Dems introduce bill that would deliver a crushing blow to the First Amendment

“But the deeper problem with the bill is simply that it aims to censor what people say…”

Innovative Fla. sheriff plays ‘Wheel of Fugitive’ on social media to catch bad guys. And it works!

Even the criminals are getting in on the act.

Former Trump advisor says he was a victim of bizarre hit-and-run, suggests it was no accident

“That would be obvious.”

James Woods plans to fight ‘patently bogus’ lawsuit over tweet woman says went too far

‘Too little, too late.’

The Left ‘eats its own’ when Colbert does brutal skit mocking Maddow’s embarrassing Trump flop


Police officer caught on video making up a bogus law when he pulls over the wrong guy

No one is above the law.

How badly did Hillary run her campaign? Just be REALLY grateful she’s not running the country

New study shows…

Entrenched lib mayor who staunchly supports taking in Syrian refugees learns a lesson on Election Day


Media ignores that Soros funds 100 groups behind radical left-wing ‘Women’s Day’ protests


Down-to-earth Trump continues to shake things up, woos lawmakers with ‘full-out charm offensive’

“He’s great like that.”

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