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Innovative Fla. sheriff plays ‘Wheel of Fugitive’ on social media to catch bad guys. And it works!

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Everybody loves a game show and a Florida sheriff is taking advantage of that with a new “spin” on his job by creating the “Wheel of Fugitive” game show where local viewers can join the hunt for criminals.

Every Tuesday at 8:00 pm. Brevard County, Florida, Sheriff Wayne Ivey spins his “Wheel of Fugitive” in a video which is posted on Facebook, to choose which crook out on the lam will be targeted for retrieval, Fox Insider reports.

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At the beginning of the episode, Ivey spins his roulette-styled wheel festooned with photos of wanted criminals and which ever photo ends up on top is the one the sheriff will target that week.

From there, information about the dubious “winner” of the wheel’s spin will be featured on the show. The sheriff then asks the people in the audience to keep their eyes peeled for the wanted criminal. The sheriff also informs viewers of how they can contact authorities if they do happen to spot the crook.

Ivey said that he was watching the TV game show “Wheel of Fortune” and it struck him that he could adapt that concept for police work.

“We basically came up with the idea because we not only wanted to get fugitives off the street, but we wanted to engage our public, our community, and help protect our areas,” Ivey told the host of Fox Business Network’s “Risk & Reward.”

The sheriff’s new show has seen fantastic results. “It’s worked even better than most of us thought,” Ivey said. The sheriff noted that up to 76 percent of the fugitives he’s targeted on the show have turned themselves in or have been re-captured.

“It’s really been very engaging for the community,” the sheriff said before adding that everywhere he goes someone tells him, “‘I watch ‘Wheel of Fugitive’ every Tuesday night.'”

He even noted that the criminals themselves have gotten into the act by jumping on the Sheriff’s office Facebook page to interact with the commenters before being caught.

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