Bold school principal snubs complaints about kids flying Old Glory – and look what happens!

Well, this is refreshing. For a change we see a high school principal not only unfazed by complaints about students flying the American flag, instead she is standing beside them and supporting their efforts to hoist Old Glory.

Last week, Leigh Dunavant, the principal of Godwin High School in Henrico County, Virginia, received complaints by a few who wanted to stop students from flying Old Glory from their vehicles in the school parking lot. But the principal wasn’t going to play that game.

Students said Principal Dunavant “sent home an email to parents that explained staff at the school supports the students’ patriotic expression,” Richmond’s ABC affiliate reported.

The students who were flying their flags said they were doing so to honor several local students who had volunteered to join the U.S. military.

It appears that Principal Dunavant was perfectly fine with that explanation.

Senior Colter Mahon thought “walking through the tunnel of flags” was wonderful. “When you’re walking on the sidewalk and looking at all the cars and people who did that, it was amazing,” he told the ABC affiliate.

The student also rejected those who say the flag is offensive. Old Glory “represents so many things. Equality. Independence. All the stuff that our forefathers and all them worked for and that means a lot,” he said.

A parent and veteran of one of the students said he couldn’t be happier by the principal’s response, but said all the credit goes to the kids.

After the principal refused to chastise the flag-waving students, other students began bringing their flags to school too.

So, now patriotism is spreading at Godwin High School, and let’s hope across the nation.


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