How badly did Hillary run her campaign? Just be REALLY grateful she’s not running the country

A new study has confirmed what some voters already instinctively understand: Hillary Clinton ran one of the worst presidential campaigns in U.S. history.

According to a study by the Wesleyan Media Project, Hillary’s political ads failed to mention much by way of issues and policy and were mostly just filled with attacks on Trump. Worse, Hillary’s media team failed to even air ads in many of the key states and counties that may have helped turn the election her way.

The authors of the study concluded that Hillary never presented voters in key states a clear message preferring instead to just attack everyone else’s motives.

The study revealed that Hillary’s TV ads had less policy content than any other campaign in the last four presidential cycles, noted.

“Clinton’s team spent a whopping $1 billion on the election in all — about twice what Donald Trump’s campaign spent. Clinton spent $72 million on television ads in the final weeks alone,” Vox reported.

But of that media buy, the Wesleyan study found that only 25 percent of the video ads were policy based. All the rest were personal attacks on Trump. By contrast every other campaign going back to the year 2000 featured at least 40 percent of TV ads being focused on policy differences.

In other words, everything was based on emotion and not facts which is usually very effective for Democrats. But, not for Hillary.

Needless to say, Twitter users found the news unsurprising.

The reasons are endless, really.


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