Uber-lib George Takei gaslights himself on Twitter when he attempts amateur dig at Mike Pence

“Hollywood telling people how to sustain relationships. What a joke!”

University has BuzzFeed editor come lecture students about the dangers of fake news

“It’s crazy, but misinformation about American politics has actually become a good business opportunity. “

Army special operator helped save 1,400 lives in Afghanistan, formerly classified docs reveal

“His efforts directly supported containing the enemy…”

Hannity temporarily breaks ranks with Trump to offer some sound advice

“That is your mission.”

Media runs with Rex Tillerson story so absurd, it makes an AP reporter scream for truth

“…employees have been told not to make eye contact with him.”

Calif. lawmakers push for arbitrary legislation that would protect politicians from ‘fake news’

Leave it to the Left coast.

Rising Dem announces his 2018 run against Cruz, but recent history signals it’ll be a tough road

“To move past the anxiety and fear, the walls and the refugee bans…”

One man, all the power: Venezuela’s socialist gov’t pulls a coup, dissolves representative Congress

Opposition leaders are now officially calling Venezuela “a dictatorship.

Guy lives in a bubble! SEAL O’Neill takes on spineless soldier-bashing Drexel prof – and it’s not pretty

“That’s just a bunch of nonsense.”

Michael Flynn Jr. drops grenade into the middle of the mainstream media narrative

This is getting crazier by the minute.

Tom Hanks reveals his most memorable White House moment — and it doesn’t involve a Democrat

“I gotta tell you, the Hanks family has been dining out on that story for like a thousand years.”

‘Queen of Quirk’ Nancy Pelosi has the nerve to go on TV and call Rep. Nunes’ behavior ‘bizarre’?

“I have a long experience in the intelligence committee …”

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