Uber-lib George Takei gaslights himself on Twitter when he attempts amateur dig at Mike Pence

Oh George, why must you insert yourself into everything?

Liberals have tried and failed to make much-a-do about Mike Pence’s personal relationship with his wife.

In a Washington Post article circulating earlier this week, it was revealed that Pence does not dine alone in the company of other women without his wife.

His deep commitment to monogamy and his marriage struck a not-so-nice chord with the sophisticated Left who had all kinds of problems with it, including comparing it to Sharia Law.

Needless to say, Pence’s dedication and devotion to his wife was completely lost on those who chose to see only what they want to see.

Which brings us back to George Takei of ‘Star Trek’ fame.

Not to be outdone, Takei had his say on the Pence matter and got scorched for it:

Conservative author and Fox News contributor Dana Loesch was right there with the one-two punch:

Wow. What a concept!

But Loesch wasn’t the only one with some zingers.


Loesch earned a lot of praise for her take, and at least one Twitter user absolutely nailed the Left’s unrelenting hypocrisy.


And that’s what you call, a bad Twitter move for George Takei.


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