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Media ignores that Soros funds 100 groups behind radical left-wing ‘Women’s Day’ protests

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It has been revealed that billionaire George Soros, the biggest funder of anti-American activities in the world, was a main supporter of yesterday’s “Day Without Women” publicity stunt.

The whole country was talking about the “women’s” event that ultimately didn’t amount to much of anything, but as the mainstream media jumped to support the effort, the Media Research Center uncovered where much of the money came from to push the event.

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According to the MRC the anti-American liberal billionaire donated more than $246 million to 100 out of the 544 partners supporting the women’s cause between 2010 and 2014.

Some of MRC’s key finding’s include:

Soros gave more than $1 million to 36 of those partners, including the Center for Reproductive Rights, MoveOn.org, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Soros also gave to partners hostile to Christians and conservative values: The ACLU, which received $37.3 million from Soros, has tried repeatedly to close Catholic hospitals and “emboldened” criminals in Chicago. The Center for American Progress (backed by $12.2 million from Soros) used the Orlando nightclub shooting to bash Christians. Even Human Rights Watch, which tracks human rights violations around the globe, ignores the right to life for the unborn and supports abortion giant Planned Parenthood.


Soros, said to be worth up to $25.2 billion, supported the women’s day which was originally started as a communist movement.

During the event women were encouraged to wear red as a paean to “revolution,” according to the Women’s March.

But as Conservative Review notes, underpinning the whole event is nothing else but an un-American communist movement.

“January’s Women’s March featured former Communist Party vice presidential candidate and Lenin Peace Prize winner Angela Davis. Pro-Life women, of course, were not invited,” CR noted.

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“So yes, so-called Day Without a Woman supporters, please do wear Red,” CR concluded. “Those are your true colors, after all.”


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