Calif. lawmakers push for arbitrary legislation that would protect politicians from ‘fake news’

Leave it to the Left coast.

‘Queen of Quirk’ Nancy Pelosi has the nerve to go on TV and call Rep. Nunes’ behavior ‘bizarre’?

“I have a long experience in the intelligence committee …”

Libs now have kid’s book featuring black, gay Santa in an interracial marriage. Did they miss anything?

Who doesn’t like to their Christmas cheer with a heavy dose of social justice?

In news you can’t make up: Mexican state attorney arrested at border … for drug smuggling

Does this mean Trump was REALLY right?

Police release horrifying video of home invaders ripping jewelry off an apparently unarmed woman

Suspects still at large, but one can clearly be seen on video.

Photo of IHOP waiter helping disabled woman eat her meal goes viral — and rolls in a job offer

A waiter at an Illinois IHOP has become national news not because of any controversy but because he is a supremely nice guy after being seen helping […]

‘Free speech bus’ touting ‘boys are boys and girls are girls’ becomes a target in NYC

Free speech for me, but not for thee.

Salon accused of taking ‘fat shaming’ to new level with shocking sign: ‘Sorry, but if you’re overweight…’

“I’m thinking, but I don’t [think I] put it up.”

Stephen King uses oldest GOP slam in Dem playbook. Does he just not get it, or is he out of ideas?


Battle begins as activists target Texas judge for his longtime tradition of starting sessions with prayer

“Judge Mack’s program is an excellent idea and a great way to serve the community.”

Congrats, America! Shia LaBeouf is hightailing his anti-Trump ‘exhibit’ to a ‘safe-space’ overseas

If you can’t take the heat…

Mexican newspaper scolds U.S. spring breakers for chanting ‘Build the Wall’; claim it’s a growing problem

“This is just one of the many blameworthy behaviors…”