‘Free speech bus’ touting ‘boys are boys and girls are girls’ becomes a target in NYC

Once again proving that liberals think their free speech is sacred but that everyone else’s should be shut down, a bus tour celebrating free speech and a social conservative message was vandalized near the United Nations building in New York City this week.

Vandals spray painted and smashed the window of a”Free Speech Bus” which has been on a tour to stand up for its view on gender.

“It’s biology: boys are boys…and always will be. Girls are girls…and always will be” the bus tour message also reads. A shocking and insulting concept to some who believed vandalism was warranted. Be damned your “free speech.”

“The bus was on the streets of New York” in Manhattan shortly after 4:00 p.m. today, Joe Grabowski of the National Organization for Marriage said. “It was vandalized by spray paint and a hammer was taken to it on the side.”

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Spray painted onto the side of the bus were leftist slogans like”Trans Liberation” and “Gay Rights,” the photos reveal.


The tour is jointly sponsored by the International Organization for the Family, CitizenGO, and the National Organization for Marriage and has been touring the Big Apple this month, according to Life Site.



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Naturally, liberals on Twitter were thrilled to see this criminal action taken by their fellows and tolerance was on full display:


I wonder if anyone has asked these vandals if a bus labeled “Free Speech” that donned slogans like, “Boys can be girls” should be allowed to drive through Middle America unscathed? Where is Jesse Watters when you need him?

Police are investigating the crime.


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