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In news you can’t make up: Mexican state attorney arrested at border … for drug smuggling

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Does this mean Trump was more right than he even thought about drugs, gangs and criminals crossing over the Southern border?

We all know that drug smuggling is a major problem at our Southern border and we also know that Mexico has a famously corrupt government, but this is the first time we’ve discovered a Mexican official actually engaging in drug smuggling himself!

Screen shot From El Financiero, Bloomberg via YouTube.

This month U.S. officials in San Diego got the shock of their lives when they arrested a Mexican national trying to smuggle drugs across the border. After identifying the suspect, officials discovered they had arrested Edgar Veytia, the attorney general for the western Mexican state of Nayarit, USA Today reported.

Federal officials indicted Veytia, 46, with conspiracy to smuggle cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine across the border at San Diego, where he is now being held.


Copy of court docmument taken from Antonio Tello – NTV Facebook page.

“As attorney general, Veytia is the top law enforcement official in Nayarit, a state in western Mexico between the cities of Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta,” the paper notes.

Mexican officials said the arrest was “news we did not expect” and noted that they had no other information until U.S. officials release more information.



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