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Congrats, America! Shia LaBeouf is hightailing his anti-Trump ‘exhibit’ to a ‘safe-space’ overseas

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Troubled actor Shia LaBeouf has been desperately trying to prove to his Hollywood pals that he hates Donald Trump more than any of them and has been setting up anti-Trump “art exhibits” consisting of anti-Trump flags and interactive anti-Trump webcams.

Labeouf is having problems with his anti-Trump “exhibit” again, this time he has been forced to move it out of the country in an effort to stop pro-Trumpers from finding it and ruining his temper tantrum, Page Six reported.

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“Events have shown that America is simply not safe enough for this artwork to exist,” LaBeouf whined in a statement announcing the move of the “He Will Not Divide Us” flag to Liverpool, England.

Perhaps, that will be a safe enough space for him too?

LaBeouf’s fans have engaged in nasty scuffles with the Trump supporters. The museum that first hosted the unhinged actor and his antics eventually shut the project down after only months o its four-year planned run.

Even more absurd, LaBeouf himself was arrested for violent behavior at his own exhibit!

Since his webcam project was a crashing failure, LaBeouf came up with a new anti-Trump idea. He decided to hoist an anti-Trump flag and then focus a webcam on it for fans to see. Again, it was supposed to fly for four years to serve as a constant Trump protest. But that fell apart in spectacular fashion, too.

Trump supporters and other wags on the crowdsource website 4chan began to suss out clues to detect where LaBeouf’s flag was flying. Eventually, with hundreds of 4chaners working together, they found the location of the flag and then at least one of them went to the site, pulled down LaBeouf’s flag and hoisted a Trump T-Shirt and “Make America Great Again” hat in its place.

4Chan fans discovered the anti-Trump flag was raised in Albuquerque…

And as soon as it was found, it was sabotaged…

Naturally, this unhinged actor is now the butt of jokes and taunts on Twitter.

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