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Salon accused of taking ‘fat shaming’ to new level with shocking sign: ‘Sorry, but if you’re overweight…’

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Taking “fat shaming” to a whole new level, a salon in Tennessee is being accused of posting a sign telling overweight customers that they will be hit with a fat charge of $45 for “service fees.”

The sign was reportedly posted in a Memphis, Tennessee, salon called Rose Nails which normally charges $30 for a pedicure. But according to witnesses, the salon owner decided to throw on an additional $15 because fat customers were breaking the salon’s chairs.

According to a photo of the notice, the sign read: “Sorry, but if you are over weight, pedicures will be $45 due to service fees for pedicurists.”

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A photo of the sign was posted to Facebook by a shocked customer, CBS News reported on Wednesday.

Naturally, the salon received many complaints about the sign, but when confronted by CBS, the owner of the salon insisted that there was never any such thing posted in his shop even as he admitted to wanting to do so.

“I’m thinking, but I don’t [think I] put it up,” Rose Nail owner Son Nguyen told the network news reporter.

When the reporter noted that the walls and the chairs in the photos sure looked like those in his shop, Nguyen replied, “No, there are same walls and floors everywhere, it could be anywhere.”

Despite the strange denials, Nguyen did admit that he doesn’t want to give pedicures to fat people because, he said, they sit in the salon chairs and break them. The chairs, Nguyen added, cost him up to $2,500 each to replace.

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Some customers, though, were unhappy with the situation and criticized the owner for discriminating against fat people. One Facebook user called Nguyen’s service fee “rude and disrespectful.”


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