Stephen King uses oldest GOP slam in Dem playbook. Does he just not get it, or is he out of ideas?

Horror story writer Stephen King is well known as a major liberal, but this week he took to Twitter with the lamest, oldest attack against Republicans that can be found in the Democrat political playbook showing that he is not the one we should look to for fresh ideas.

On Thursday, King jumped to his Twitter account to unleash the most boring accusation there is against Republicans…

Wow. “Mean to poor people.” Seems like a taunt a child would toss out there, not a bon mot by a 60-some-year-old man who is a successful writer!

The lack of logic and common sense from King’s fans was unsurprising. Some of the hate disgorged by King’s liberal fans was incredible for its lack of introspection.

So, no one is responsible for their own destiny or success in life? In other words, forget working hard… you’re doomed!

But not everyone responding to King’s boringly rote attack was cheerleading for the left.

Bingo! Now, there’s a wild and “mean” concept.

Too obvious.

And then there’s…



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