Crazy video catches passenger violently assaulting off duty pilot after landing

A police report on the incident says Foster insisted that the pilot had taken up too much room…

Woman absolutely loses it when flight is delayed, watch how cops appear scared to ‘handle’ her

“That dude, that’s a doctor, I ain’t no doctor, I’m gonna beat you’re a**.”

ss Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein is livid over ‘insane’ R rating of his new teen transgender film, vows to fight

“…it merely portrays a modern family.”

Man-of-many-houses Sanders asks how many yachts billionaires need. You bet, folks had a problem with that

“He gets to enjoy his lavish lifestyle while others have to give up theirs?”

Livid Kevin Jackson calls out Fresno racist killer as part of ‘Obama’s legacy’

“This is a ‘difecta’, if you will, in terms of the legacy of Obama.”

Is someone stalking Malia Obama? ‘Emotionally disturbed’ man may face charges for creepy behavior

This isn’t good.

She’s back! Tomi Lahren retakes her Facebook page and jumps straight in

“You mean the world to me.”

Actor Gary Sinise awarded Walk of Fame star, praised for pro-military activism

“Gary, nothing made me happier than to read this today…”

‘The immaturity is astounding’: 16-yr-old annihilates unhinged adults who shouted down GOP town hall

“I’m appalled.”

Oof! Maxine Waters accidentally blurts out truth about working class taxes while bashing Trump–and his taxes!

“Get out now and quit embarrassing yourself.”

NFL star Dez Bryant takes rare moment to talk ‘racism’ in America, and his perspective might surprise you

“We all have the opportunity to lead by example.”

Colorado WAS going to open marijuana clubs, but thought better of it now that Trump’s President

Better just to wait it out. Eight years too long?