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Crazy video catches passenger violently assaulting off duty pilot after landing

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A Kansas City man has been arrested for assaulting an off duty airline pilot as the two walked off a flight.

Video surveillance at Kansas City International Airport shows passenger Edward Foster, 49, exiting a plane and confronting an off duty pilot who was also a passenger on the April 12 American Airlines flight, the Daily Mail reported.

The confrontation was captured on the airport’s surveillance video.

The video shows Foster exiting the gangway just behind the off duty pilot.

Next, video inside the entryway of the airport then shows Foster running up to the pilot and almost immediately engaging in a physical attack.

Foster is seen in the video jumping in front of the pilot and then roughly grabbing him and pushing him.

A police report on the incident says Foster insisted that the pilot had taken up too much room in the plane’s aisle blocking him from exiting as quickly as he wanted, the Daily Mail reported.

Police also say that the pilot suffered bruises to his arms and cuts to his legs.

Foster was ultimately charged with assault and will appear in court on May 16.


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