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‘The immaturity is astounding’: 16-yr-old annihilates unhinged adults who shouted down GOP town hall

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Another weekend and another raucous town hall attended by leftists who only want to disrupt. This time it is in California where the so-called “adults” at the event were more immature than children.

California Republican Congressman Doug LaMalfa held his town hall on Saturday but faced a hostile crowd who yelled, hooted, and disrupted the congressman’s attempt to speak to the crowd.

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The din raised by the protesters was so disruptive that at one point LaMalfa urged the crowd to exercise some “self-control” before temporarily walking off stage. He soon returned after regaining his composure and tried again to address the unruly crowd.

Protesters went ont to scream that LaMalfa had a “closed mind” and screamed about health care.

But one teenaged attendee, 16-year-old Greyson Reynolds, slammed the adult protesters who attended only to thoroughly disrupt the proceedings. “I think the immaturity is astounding,” he said.

Congressman Doug LaMalfa. Screenshot.

Reynolds said LaMalfa held a “Q & A” at his high school where the meeting was much more civilized.

“Night and day. It’s hard to believe that these people are grown adults and those people, the people at my high school are children. You’d think it was the opposite,” Reynolds told CBS News.

Others who attended agreed with the young man, and slammed the loud protesters for their unhinged conduct.

“It’s very enlightening and disturbing to experience this first hand,” Denise Culley told the media.

“I’m appalled,” said Republican voter Linda Agee. “You can disagree, but you can be decent to each other.”

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