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Is someone stalking Malia Obama? ‘Emotionally disturbed’ man may face charges for creepy behavior

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Police in New York City arrested a man and remanded him to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation after he was caught stalking Malia Obama as she fulfilled internships in the entertainment industry.

The former presidential daughter had been interning for film and TV producer Harvey Weinstein and the Tribeca Film Center in New York but has been dogged by a man following her around the city, the Secret Service said.

The Secret Service reported Jair Nilton Cardosa of Brooklyn to the New York Police for a pair of incidents that happened on April 10 and 12, 2017, according to CBS New York.

According to Malia’s Secret Service detail, Cardosa “went to the fourth floor of the Tribeca office where Obama was working as an intern, put a sign on a window and repeatedly yelled to her asking her to marry him.” Protective agents escorted the man away.

The agents also reported that two days later the man “followed Obama out of a different office in Tribeca where she is also working as an intern.” Secret Service agents again intervened and “identified Cardosa as the same man who tried to enter the White House on several previous occasions.”

The NYPD arrested Cardosa and “determined him to be emotionally disturbed and was taken to Kings County hospital for a psych evaluation,” CBS said.

Despite being detained, the NYPD has not yet charged Cardosa but it is likely that harassment and stalking charges will eventually be filed.

Barack and Michelle Obama took some criticism for allowing Malia to intern for Lena Dunham who once admitted she sexually abused her own sister.


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