People are ticked over new emoji design building; do they have a point or do they need to chill?

“I’ve never been so disappointed in humanity.”

gaines screenshot
‘Fixer Upper’s’ Chip Gaines responds to lawsuit … as wife Joanna responds to rumors she’s leaving show

“As not your attorney here; I’d advise not tweeting on this topic. Best of luck”

Flashback: Obama said THIS about Wall Street just three short months ago, now look …

“He’s been lying since he hit the scene in 2008.”

electoral map
Trump provides embarrassing handout to reporters … because verbal smackdowns need visuals

“I think they are SOOO stupid…they’ll see all that red and think….”Russia did it!”

Girandoni air rifle
CNN sends ‘Indian woman’ to NRA to get answers about Americans and guns, forgets to tell her about the trigger

Yeah, that’s the one.

Sex, guns and bad grammar. What could be more entertaining on a Sunday?

And, my personal favorite …

Fmr Hillary Clinton advisor has radical idea for WH press dinner – and Twitter LIT UP!

“Put down the drugs slowly and step back.”

Only 5 min. worth watching! See priceless looks as top 3 news networks got eviscerated at WHCD!

“Every time a story breaks you have nine boxes on the screen. I’m trying to watch the news not pick a player in street fighter.

shutterstock drunk driving car crash
CBS News reporter upset that drunk-driving illegals are getting arrested for such a ‘minor’ offense

Left-wing CBS News activist Paula Reid is dismayed that the Trump administration is arresting illegal aliens who commit “minor” traffic offenses such as drunk driving. Drunk driving […]

Trump won’t focus on deporting illegal farm workers, says AG secretary

Agriculture groups have expressed concern that Trump’s immigration policies could cause food prices to rise and threaten the stability of farms.

TMI! Scott Baio’s wife forced to defend hubby’s man parts after ex co-star Erin Moran’s brother goes low

She’s not shy!

CNN sorry for poor journalists ‘just trying to do best work’ after Trump’s ‘insidious, poisonous’ tone

Playing the sympathy card won’t bring viewers back to outlets like CNN and MSNBC.

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