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Trump provides embarrassing handout to reporters … because verbal smackdowns need visuals

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The same media folks who spent President Donald Trump‘s first 100 days questioning his legitimacy are suddenly perplexed that he may need to remind them that he won in November.

CNN noted that Trump brought printed handouts of the Electoral College map results to an interview with Reuters, asking if the president “still feels he has to prove that he won?”

This coming from the same folks who didn’t bat an eye when former President Barack Obama flat-out told Republicans while discussing his 2009 stimulus package, “I won.”

Irony aside, conservative firebrand Ann Coulter liked the notion of Trump distributing the election results.

“I hope Trump brings this handout to every meeting with reporters for his entire presidency,” she tweeted.

Turns out, Coulter is not alone, as many of his supporters like the idea too. One even suggested that he hang the maps in the White House press briefing room.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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