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CNN sorry for poor journalists ‘just trying to do best work’ after Trump’s ‘insidious, poisonous’ tone

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When President Donald Trump was a no-show at Saturday’s White House Correspondents Dinner, media elites were left licking their wounds, beginning with CNN media reporter Brian Stelter.

Rather than attend the somber affair, Trump celebrated the end of his first 100 days in office hosting a rally for his supporters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania — the state that gave him the electoral votes he needed to win the presidency.

Stelter, who hosts CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” took the president to task for his attacks on the press

He said that political commentator “[Jeffrey] Lord and I were just debating how effective the president’s anti-media attacks are, and we’re in agreement, they are effective. But let’s recognize how poisonous they are as well. Every single president disputes some news coverage of their presidency, but no president until now gets up at a rally and calls news outlets fake. No president gets up at a podium and says the things we’ve heard from this president tonight.”

Stelter went on to say that when journalists report news items that Trump disagrees with, they’re merely exercising their First Amendment rights and doing the best job they can.

“But it is insidious, it is poisonous, and I think for the journalists in this room – just trying to do their best work – it is disappointing to continue to hear the president taking this tone.”

The president exercised his own First Amendment rights at the Harrisburg event.

Trump called both CNN and MSNBC out as “fake news” to the delight of his supporters. When he pointed out members of the press covering the rally, the crowd responded by chanting “Media sucks! Media sucks!”

Folks on Twitter had no sympathy for media in general or Stelter in particular.

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Playing the sympathy card won’t bring viewers back to outlets like CNN and MSNBC; good honest reporting will.


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