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Oof! Maxine Waters accidentally blurts out truth about working class taxes while bashing Trump–and his taxes!

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Only weeks after a major story that proved Donald Trump paid $38 million in taxes, congresswoman Maxine Waters  is now on TV saying Trump pays no taxes.

The California Democrat appeared on left-wing cable network MSNBC (where else) to disgorge her laughably false claim about Trump’s taxes. During her appearance she noted that many Americans are “struggling” to pay their taxes but what made her mad is not that Americans are struggling but that Trump”doesn’t pay taxes.”

“Americans all over this country, many are struggling to pay their taxes,” Waters blurted out.

“Middle income people, working people, and many have to pay taxes that they can’t afford.”


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Even Maxine Waters can’t hide from the truth all of the time. Screenshot.

Clearly not realizing she had let the truth slip out, she went on to bash Trump.

“This president is basically laughing at us. Because, remember, during the campaign he said, ‘I pay no taxes,’ and I believe that.” Of course, Waters’ concern should be about those who cannot afford to pay the taxes so often touted by big government loving Democrats. But her agenda doesn’t seem to be for the American people as much as it is her political party.

Waters made these same absurd claims about Trump at a recent left-wing, anti-Trump protest.

Firstly, it apparently hasn’t occurred to Maxine Waters to lower taxes so that we can afford to pay them. But her wild claim that Trump pays no taxes is simply a lie.

Only a month ago the whole country was laughing at MSNBC host Rachel Maddow when she promoted a story that only ended up ruining the left’s anti-Trump narrative by proving that the president paid $38 million in taxes.

Waters’ claim is based on a quip by Mr. Trump uttered during one of the presidential debates. When losing Democrat Nominee Hillary Clinton said Trump pays no taxes, Trump joked, “that makes me smart.”

Far from Trump laughing at us, many people found themselves laughing at Maxine Waters, though.

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