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Police release horrifying video of home invaders ripping jewelry off an apparently unarmed woman

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In an incident sure to prove the good sense of our Second Amendment rights, police in Everett, Washington, have released a frightening video of two home invaders breaking into and raiding a home as the terrified woman inside cries and screams in a bathroom.

The break-in occurred in a town 30 miles north of Seattle, police report.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s office posted the shocking video to its Youtube page asking the public for help identifying the criminals. The thugs appeared hesitant to break down the door at first, perhaps nervous the woman may have had a weapon. But with no sign of resistance, the two barged through with ease.

“Two males broke into an occupied south Everett residence this morning, assaulting the female homeowner and ripping the jewelry off of her before stealing other items and fleeing.”

The video shows the two break in and start running through the home’s bedroom until they come upon a locked bathroom door.

After trying the handle a few times, one of the thugs kicks the door down and both run in to accost the woman hiding inside.

The terrorized homeowner’s screams are plainly heard on the video as the two punks yell at her. She was lucky, as that is the worst the two would do, but the incident could have gone much worse, as terrifying as it already was.

Only one of the criminals is seen clearly on the video and police would like help finding him.

“If you can identify either of these suspects, or have information about this incident, call Det. Geoghagan 425-388-5258” the sheriff’s office said.


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