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The Left ‘eats its own’ when Colbert does brutal skit mocking Maddow’s embarrassing Trump flop

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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow made a huge production out of what ended up being a “sterling” report of Donald Trump’s decade old tax return.

In the end, her stunt made Trump look pretty good for paying $38 million in taxes and that’s something her liberal cohorts will have a hard time forgiving. Case in point, left-wing late night comedian Stephen Colbert who took the opportunity on his show to brutally make fun of her.

On his Wednesday evening “Late Night show,” Colbert ridiculed the slow motion release of Trump’s tax return by equating the whole revelation to a bad joke. Literally, a bad joke.

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Needless to say the skit was a big hit, mostly for liberals who smell blood, but some Trump fans showed up with the popcorn.

More than few liberal rags picked up the skit and blasted it on Twitter:


Well, a little…




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