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‘Hey, can we reschedule those pictures?’ Mom NOT amused when dad pulls hilarious April Fools’ prank

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One of the funnier April Fools pranks this year was pulled by a father who after he was left home alone with his son decided to fool his wife into thinking he shaved his son and himself bald and on the day before his son’s picture day at school on top of it all.

Dad Bobby Wesson decided to pull the prank on his wife Rayena, who is a trauma nurse. Wesson said he doesn’t get to joke around with his wife when she is at work because of the serious nature of her job. But this time he couldn’t resist.

“I waited a while to pull the trigger on this prank,” Wesson said. “I’d had these pics ready for a month but, like I said, her easy nights are few and far between. Sometimes she doesn’t even get to sit down much less sit down and eat,” he said according to ScaryMommy.com.

But on one calm night at work, Wesson decided to launch his prank by texting his wife that her son had gotten hold of some hair clippers and tried to cut his own hair. As the texts between the prankster hubby and his wife evolved with mommy getting increasingly alarmed, Wesson told her he shaved the boy and himself bald!

Dad posted his story to Facebook and it immediately went viral.

The prank was a complete success… though mommy was none too happy as it all played out as the text messages prove.

Now, we should say right here that the above “hair” on the floor photo is actually doll hair that Wesson cut up to appear as if his son had got hold of the clippers.

This sent his wife into a REAL tail spin…

Oh, yeah, mommy is furious! Just look at those all caps messages.

Wesson said that he spent weeks before the prank learning to use Photoshop so he could make fake photos of the boy with his head shaved. “I tried to get some friends to do it and when they didn’t look good enough. I paid couple of people on Fiverr to give it a shot. No one could get it right so I just started watching tutorials and reading blogs and after a couple of weeks I finally had something I thought would be convincing.”

He didn’t stop there. He was going all in on this one…

Next Wesson escalated it by claiming he was going to fix it…

And then the final part of the prank was revealed…

Of course, it was all a joke. The images were a Photoshop prank and no hair follicle was harmed in the process.

In the end, Wesson admitted that this was only one in a long line of pranks the couple have pulled on each other. Their lives may be busy, but not so busy they can’t have a bit of fun.


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