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Ever wonder who’d win in a horse vs alligator match? Stunned Florida onlookers got to find out

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In a reminder of nature’s violence, all was not pastoral calm when a herd of horses met up with an alligator in Gainesville, Florida, recently, and it was all caught on video.

The video originally shared on YouTube by Gainesville’s Krystal Berry, shows a majestic horse giving the hoof to an intruding gator sending the toothy hisser scurrying back to his swamp.

“I thought, ‘This is intense. I never saw anything like this before,'” Berry, 31, said according to The Daily Mail.

The ebony equine emerges from his herd and gingerly approaches the lurking reptile only to give it a thorough trounce.

As the gator snaps its jaws lamely, the horse slams the gator so hard that the reptile flips in mid-air. After the stunned reptile seemed to regain its composure, it proceeded to hightail it out of there.

The short video is quite action packed.

Probably the most ridiculous thing about the video is the human onlookers, one of whom absurdly says to that mean ‘ol horsie, “Just leave him alone.”

The video has received over 65,000 views on Youtube in only a day.


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