Conservatives gleefully take in the ultimate ‘liberal whine fest’ as Gorsuch reality slowly sets in

You’ll need a lot of popcorn for this!

‘F*** the police!’ Black Lives Matter bullies swarm, shout and shut down pro-police scholar’s speech

“The protesters surrounded all the doors..”

Oof! Nivea discovers how to outrage most libs at once when it launches ‘White is Purity’ ad campaign

“What the HELL is this?”

Paranoid Hollywood director puts his ignorance on full display when he sounds ‘gay alarm’ on Trump

How much does this guy make?

‘I love a gunfight’: Bannon up to the challenge amidst rumors top insiders are gunning for him

He’s not one to back down.

Warren’s ‘magical’ political transformation on Gorsuch even more enjoyable to watch now that he’s confirmed

No one can say she didn’t try.

Kimmel barely gets through emotional tribute; they just don’t make ‘em like Don Rickles anymore

“He would always ask about my parents, my kids, when my Uncle Frank…”

Judge Jeanine screen shot
Judge Jeanine demands facts; scorches Elizabeth Warren’s anti-Gorsuch charade in blistering tirade

“Most incredible about this…”

Seriously? Disgraced Wasserman Schultz takes to CNN to explain what she thinks is wrong with Ivanka

This likely didn’t sway many minds.

Sweet relief sets in as 3 Dems vote for Gorsuch SCOTUS confirmation, giving him 54-45 victory

All three Dems face tough elections…

MSNBC really knows how to enrage its base! Replacing Maddow with a man for live coverage not the best idea

Does MSNBC even know its base?

Russian warship heads toward 2 U.S. Navy destroyers that launched attack on Syria

The move came hours after the Kremlin issued a statement …

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