List of 10 highest-rated U.S. Governors reveals they have more than one thing in common

Besides being men…

Marvel vows disciplinary action for Muslim ‘X-Men’ comic over secret anti-Christian, anti-Jewish messages

“My career is over now.”

Melania turns heads in NYC as she and ’30 Secret Service’ agents spend afternoon bowling with the ‘kids’

She even makes bowling look glamorous.

ss donald and ivanka trump
Syrians embrace Ivanka with new endearing moniker for President Trump

“We love him because he does more than he says, he’s a man of action…”

Lib completely falls for Sean Spicer parody account, becomes triggered to the point of blind rage

“Can you imagine her yelling random words at you in person like that?”

We dare you to watch viral ‘stretching baby’ video without smiling

“Nervously watching as we approach 2 million views!”

Volunteer Easter egg hunt gets cancelled and the reason is going to infuriate you

And now the volunteers are under attack!

‘Should I be embarrassed?’ George W. Bush’s daughter just let slip a family secret about grandma


Man charged with child rape, triple murder dodges security, leaps to his death from court balcony

Dramatic footage captured the exact moment an Ohio man …

Decrease in rape & violent crime reports among Latinos proves illegal immigration is dangerous…for everyone

“Imagine a young woman — imagine your daughter, sister, mother…”

Hillary Clinton dons Katy Perry pumps in silly Instagram ad

She should have stayed in the woods.

‘Trump-less’ WH Correspondents’ Dinner tags headlining comedian, and it has ‘political’ written all over it

“It’s a different dinner.”

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