‘On crutches, wheelchairs, canes and prosthetics’ Trump welcomes Wounded Warriors to East Room

“We’re going to take of them.”

Man learns why you don’t take on Mike Rowe after he delivers a mainstream media beat down

Wow. Enough said.

Debra Messing nukes herself with clueless and premature Gorsuch, Nunes celebration

“The ‘resistance’ is working!”

Young woman faces felony charge after vicious encounter with 67-year-old over minor fender bender

“And my apologies to her and her family, whatever.”

Poor woman with head literally stuck between NYC subway doors forced to watch passersby ignore her

“Only way she’s gonna learn.”

Bravo! The Daily Show’s parody designed to mock ‘meanie’ Spicer has backfire written all over it

This is sure to be a bigger hit with conservatives.

THREE tickets? Trump-hater Shia LaBeouf has THE worst week ever, ends in public meltdown

This guy is on a roll.

Lemon stunned when guest accuses him of drinking something more damaging to the brain than booze

“It’s nasty stuff!”

Katie Pavlich raises eyebrows with take on why Nunes stepped away from Russian probe

“It looks to me like some Democrat from the Hill…”

‘Hey, can we reschedule those pictures?’ Mom NOT amused when dad pulls hilarious April Fools’ prank

“I’m freaking out! … WHY Bobby, WHY, WHY, WHY?”

‘Karma!’ Libs feel the burn of Harry Reid’s nuclear option, Gorsuch on his way to confirmation

“It had to be done.”

Will Ivanka learn a lesson on liberal ‘common ground’ after report of ‘secret’ meeting with Planned Parenthood?

“She doesn’t have a clue what the average woman has to go through!”

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