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Judge Jeanine demands facts; scorches Elizabeth Warren’s anti-Gorsuch charade in blistering tirade

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As Democrats continue to indulge their temper tantrum against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro is once again giving them the back of her hand, especially to the extremist, liberal darling from Massachusetts, Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor,” Judge Jeanine eviscerated Sen. Warren for her unhinged attacks on Judge Gorsuch, Fox Insider reported.

In her tirade on the floor of the Senate, Sen. Warren blurted out that she opposes Gorsuch because he “embraced right-wing, pro-corporate views.” Warren’s claim is simply a lie, Pirro says. Warren added that he is somehow “under a cloud” because of FBI investigations into intelligence leaks — something Gorsuch has precisely nothing to do with.

Pirro slammed Warren for her hysterics and noted there isn’t a scintilla of proof to support any of her claims.

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“She talks about his record and how he’s not in the mainstream. And yet she doesn’t identify anything in his record,” Judge Jeanine told O’Reilly’s audience.

Pirro also pointed out that Warren attacked Gorsuch for being anti-woman, but it turns out that the gender pay gap in her own Senate office is 10 percent wider than the national average.

“Most incredible about this,” Pirro said, “she doesn’t identify anything in his record” to prove her claims and added “Here is a woman in a canoe paddling upstream without a paddle, she has no facts behind her argument.”


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