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Biggest boneheaded move ever? Man facing traffic ticket drops bag of cocaine right in front of judge

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A man facing a minor traffic fine got himself in much bigger trouble by pulling the biggest boneheaded move you can imagine when in court he dropped his baggie of cocaine right in front of the judge.

When Lemar Reed, 39, stood before a traffic court judge in the Lorain Municipal Court in Cleveland, Ohio, he took off his baseball cap. But while fiddling with the cap he dropped a small plastic baggie of illegal drugs that fell over the gate and onto the floor of the courtroom right in front of both the judge and the police officer serving as the court’s bailiff, The Daily Mail reported.

Surveillance video inside the courtroom tells the story.

Surveillance video inside the courtroom shows Reed walking up to the gate:

He is then seen fumbling around with his hat:

Then a little baggie suddenly starts to fall:

And ultimately the baggie of drugs ends up on the floor of the courtroom:

At first, Reed got away after dropping the drugs because it took over an hour for court officers to notice the baggie on the floor. But once authorities looked at the court video they soon found who dropped it.

Naturally, police immediately issued a warrant for Reed’s arrest.

“He was only here for a traffic ticket. He made a simple traffic ticket with only the penalty of a fine into a felony. So, not a good day for him,” Judge Mihok said.

I’m not sure if this qualifies for a “Darwin Award” video, but it sure does qualify hm for some award for his stupidity.


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