AP Mar-A Lago
State Department pulls Mar-a-Lago blog post under pressure from Dems, ethics watchdogs

“By visiting this ‘winter White House,’ Trump is belatedly fulfilling the dream of Mar-a-Lago’s original owner and designer,” the post said.

Florida senior turns heads wearing BLM activist prom dress that features a familiar face

Nothing says having fun like some divisive political activism.

Florida city to raise controversial flag for Confederate History Day ceremony

“Today they just want to erase all this history.”

Judge rules in favor of employee who publicly cursed his boss because he used one ‘magic’ phrase

What do you think, is this justice?

‘Black’ man refuses to accept DNA results when it comes back to reveal he’s really white

Nope. Sorry, you’re white.

dorsey screenshot
Tourism director sues to get job back after being fired for accidentally livestreaming nude video


Ivanka Trump
Yikes! Wait until libs find out fashion distributer was relabeling her merchandise with another name

“Wiping labels — or simply ripping the label out completely — before a garment is sold to a discount retailer has long been commonplace.”

Starbucks makes huge move to show support for military, but will it sway lingering backlash?

“I’m surprised at this. The military-hating Left will wet their pants in rage.”

Nature serves ISIS fighters brutal justice when they’re pummeled to death by ‘rampaging wild boars’

Perhaps boars are smarter than we ever thought.

Arizona ranchers reality check Pelosi after refusing border invite on what a wall means for America

Ranchers fired back at Nancy Pelosi and her inane criticism of President Trump’s border wall as “immoral,” “expensive” and “unwise.”

shutterstock scott baio erin moran cause of death heroin overdose
‘This is so wrong!’ Scott Baio slams ‘fake news’ after he’s lambasted for false reaction to Erin Moran’s death

“Now it seems every news outlet and tabloid wants to paint a different picture of me and of what really happened.”

Sebastian Gorka tells clueless students they’re ‘victims of fake news’ before walking off panel

“Absolutely, utterly, categorically deny. The idea that I did that, for anybody who knows me, again, is absurd.”

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