Warren says she’s ‘troubled’ by Obama’s $400,000 Wall St. gig, but isn’t too ‘troubled’ to plug her book

He’s “a dirty capitalist like the rest of us.”

Can beer heal division? Politically-charged Heineken ad touted as the ‘antidote’ to Pepsi’s colossal failure

“I would describe my political views as the new right.”

murphy screenshot
Dem senator slammed for using tweet to undermine North Korea briefing as a Trump ‘100 days photo op’

“I hope his home district is taking notice.”

Sean Spicer zings press with one heck of a response to adequate Michael Flynn vetting

Spicer knows how to handle them.

President Trump tells Mattis he can use entire military to destroy ISIS if that’s what he needs

“There is a sense among these commanders that they are able to do a bit more — and so they are.”

Democrats threaten government shutdown now that GOP is ‘dangerously’ close to repealing Obamacare

“If Republicans pursue this partisan path …”

Texas House passes sanctuary city ban in 3 am vote; first to pass stiff penalties for public officials

The measure also lets police officers inquire about the immigration status of anyone they detain…

Chaffetz says he could be out for weeks due to medical emergency and posts a picture to prove it


Biggest boneheaded move ever? Man facing traffic ticket drops bag of cocaine right in front of judge

“So, not a good day for him.”

Tillerson takes sensible, private sector approach to filling gov’t positions, and it’s driving libs crazy

Why hire if the jobs are going to be eliminated?

Yale grad students laughed off Twitter for ‘symbolic’ hunger strike — they can only eat if hungry

They insist it’s ‘still inspirational.’

ACLU sues Catholic hospital for refusing to perform ‘transition’ surgery on transgender man

“We feel very clearly that they discriminated against me … and that is against the law.”

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