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Can beer heal division? Politically-charged Heineken ad touted as the ‘antidote’ to Pepsi’s colossal failure

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Beer giant Heineken thinks that beer can bridge all divides.

At least, that is its claim with a new beer commercial showing that instead of fighting about politics, everyone will choose to sit down to discuss their differences over a beer… a Heineken, naturally.


The beer company has launched its “Worlds Apart” ad campaign to prove that when meeting one-on-one, people don’t usually let their differences turn them into enemies. Using the topics of transgenderism, global warming, and feminism, Heineken brings together people who stand on opposite ends of those topics to meet, work together, and discuss their differences.

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Unlike the disaster that was Pepsi’s attempt to co-opt politics to sell its product, it appears that Heineken’s attempt to meld hot button political issues and product sales worked as far as liberals are concerned.

Many folks praised the ad:




But not everyone was feeling it. And at least one person on social media thought it promoted one side more than another.

What say you?

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