Despite all the Trump-hate, women are dumping Kardashians in droves for a ‘classic’ new look

The trend is moving in the right direction…

Shutterstock Weiner Abedin
Time to throw Weiner ‘under the bus’? Dem senator calls for special prosecutor to probe Abedin emails

It’s not over for these two.

Finally! Trump supporter does what every sane person has thought about … offers a protester a pacifier

This man has been paying attention!

CNN’s Blitzer stunned by Feinstein’s ‘precise’ answer regarding evidence of Trump, Russia collusion

In showbiz, they would call that “a wrap.”

Meanwhile, Ivanka just set the internet on fire with adorable mini dance party with her boys

Of course, it’s going viral!

‘How stupid do they think we are?’ Hannity furious over Clinton, Abedin and creepy Weiner ‘free pass’

“If we did a tiny fraction of what they did, we’d be wearing a striped suit.”

Coulter slams another ‘great lib idea’ after Israel military report shows women in combat isn’t working out so well

“Boys carry equipment for girls and are injured.”

Rob Schneider could have come up with the best idea yet on how to handle unbridled Hillary


Anyone who didn’t think GOP would go after Rice to testify, didn’t think about Trey Gowdy

“Facts pick the witnesses.”

Playboy model posts naked pic of herself atop remote ‘sacred’ mountain – and locals were NOT amused

“Being nude is not something that is offensive in any way.”

Elitist screenshot
Talk about flipping the script! MSNBC guest brands anyone who’s not been gov’t dependent an ‘elitist’

“You want to talk about elitism right?”

Super rich model throws herself a pity party, demands Trump pay med bill for president-induced anxiety

“I’m gonna have to go on another med!” Teigen tweeted.

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