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‘How stupid do they think we are?’ Hannity furious over Clinton, Abedin and creepy Weiner ‘free pass’

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How dumb does he believe we are?

Fox News host Sean Hannity dedicated his opening monologue Wednesday to FBI Director James Comey’s “massive bombshell” testimony on Capitol Hill that day about Hillary Clinton’s “potentially criminal mishandling of classified information.”

Clip via Fox News Channel

“We’re really supposed to believe that Huma Abedin had no idea that sending classified material to Anthony Weiner’s laptop isn’t a crime,” Hannity said.

“How stupid do they think we are?” he asked.

After summarizing some of Comey’s testimony, the Fox News host was disgusted by the DOJ’s refusal to bring charges against Clinton and her cohorts.

“Clinton got a free pass,” Hannity concluded. “And so did Abedin and that creepy Anthony Weiner guy.”

“If we did a tiny fraction of what they did, we’d be wearing a striped suit … and sitting in a nice little tiny cell somewhere,” he said.

Social media was disgusted with the situation also.

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Former mob boss John Gotti was often called “the teflon Don.” but he had nothing on Clinton.


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