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Coulter slams another ‘great lib idea’ after Israel military report shows women in combat isn’t working out so well

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A former colonel in the Israel Defense Forces and the chairman of the Forum for IDF Strength slammed a new proposal that will allow females to serve in the Israeli army.

Col. Raz Sagi, who spent several years analyzing the effects of integrating women into combat roles with men, discussed several downsides to mixed-combat gender units with the Patriot discussion program.

As reported by Israel National News:

“When Caracal was formed in 2001 it was a small battalion of 300 combat soldiers, most of whom were women, and the chance that someone would get hurt was small. Today, however, when the army is taking entire already established infantry units and turning them into mixed ones it’s disturbing. The Combat Readiness Department claims that they’ve now lowered the physical strength and fitness requirements four times in order to enable women to be accepted, and this disturbs me. Because, obviously, if the standards are lowered so that someone will be accepted, this means that the actual operational fitness and capability of the unit goes down,” Sagi explained.

“What equality is there in the IDF if the female combat soldiers in the mixed units run less, carry less weight, and participate less in long marches. The female soldiers become second class. This isn’t equality. Justice Strasbourg-Cohen already ruled in the Supreme Court Alice Miller case that the value of operational capability is higher than the value of equality. When the male soldiers in Caracal run, the female ones walk, when the males stand, the females sit. This is equality?”


Sagi highlighted a study published by Kalman Liebeskind, which stated that 24% of male soldiers are consistently labeled as “injured” in the mixed Bardelas unit, whereas just 8% in the Golani unit.

Because female soldiers cannot meet the same physical challenges and demands, Sagi said it forces male soldiers to take on the added responsibility. He argued this additional task places male soldiers at an elevated risk of injury and death.

For comparison, the Marine Corps conducted a year long study in 2015 to understand how gender integration would affect combat readiness. The study found that “all-male” units outperformed “mixed groups” by 69 percent in several categories, such as speed, evacuating casualties, and their ability to be lethal.

Sagi’s most controversial comments — which were apparently endorsed by conservative firebrand Ann Coutler — came when he said we must leave feminism out of the Army.


“As important as the feminist struggle is, it has nothing to do with the requirements of carrying heavy loads, storming positions, combat or long marches – all of which are required in combat,” Sagi said.

“Ideology cannot beat physiology.”


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