‘This plan will destroy lives.’ Dem rep with suspect track record caught using very fuzzy math to bash AHCA

Do any of her loyal constituents question her, ever?

Unhinged Cher gets ALL CAPS warning after whining her asthma meds won’t be covered under AHCA

“I think you’ll be OK…”

Hmm… After Hillary cries misogyny, Warren warns we may never ‘be ready for a male president again’

Setting the stage for 2020 perhaps?

3-yr-old boy wants to play with boy stuff, but his feminist mom makes BIG point she won’t tolerate THAT

“That’s it. I’m signing him up for ballet.”

Shep Smith opens up about the ‘holy hell’ around him while dishing on his ‘coming out’

“Someone asked me if Roger Ailes had been abusive to me, and I said, ‘No.’ …. That was the truth.”

Bold school principal snubs complaints about kids flying Old Glory – and look what happens!

“It was amazing.”

Whoa! This brave Democrat is breaking rank to join GOP on replacing Obamacare

Could this be the start of something?

Despite activist courts, study finds refugees streaming into the US has hit a rapid decline

Another campaign promise kept?

Former Fox News exec aims to set the record straight; DEFENDS boss who fired him in revealing op-ed

“I would even call it sexual McCarthyism.”

University forced to dial back radical new course in ‘Trump resistance’ after it feels major blowback

“The faculty member has provided an updated course description…”

Mike Huckabee makes ‘racist’ Cinco de Mayo declaration that furious libs are hoping he’ll keep

Too far?

Fed judge orders release of Hillary’s Benghazi emails; Judicial Watch poses chilling question for Trump

The records were released after Judicial Watch sued the State Department…

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