University forced to dial back radical new course in ‘Trump resistance’ after it feels major blowback

Initially, the course described the president as “perpetuating sexism, white supremacy, xenophobia, nationalism, nativism, and imperialism.”

After encountering serious blowback, officials at Indiana’s Butler University dialed back the rhetoric describing a course it’s offering in its fall schedule titled, “Trumpism & U.S. Democracy.”

“This course explores why and how this happened, how Trump’s rhetoric is contrary to the foundation of the U.S. democracy, and what his win means for the future,” read the first description on Butler’s website. The course also promised to “discuss, and potentially engage in, strategies for resistance.”

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But in response to complaints, by Friday the course description was in large part toned down.

“The course will provide context and depth for student citizens as we look to historical and current texts by renowned authors as well as read excerpts from Trump’s own ‘The Art of the Deal,’ ” the new description read. “Students will potentially attend, as participant observers, campus and community events to witness ongoing responses to Trump’s presidency and campaign.”

Jacob Lenfestey, president of the university’s chapter of College Republicans, appeared Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.”

He indicated that within days of the November 8 election, Butler president James Danko sent email indicating that Trump should be accepted as the victor and everyone should move forward from there.

Then six months later teach students “strategies for resistance”?

Lenfestey told “Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt that although he considers the instructor offering the course to be highly intelligent, her lectures tend to be painted with her own political beliefs.

Apparently her course descriptions are also painted with her views.

“The faculty member has provided an updated course description that clarifies that students will be looking at the rise of President Trump as a political and social phenomenon and are not required to participate in activism,” the university said in a statement posted on its Facebook page. “The University will review its practice of accepting preliminary course descriptions for Special Topics classes.

“Like all universities, Butler University values academic freedom and the liberties this affords its faculty members. At the same time, Butler strives to be a hospitable forum for the civil exchange of ideas.”

Clip via Fox News Channel

The course stirred up controversy and commentary on social media.

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Yeah. Just imagine.

Enrollment for the class was full as of Thursday afternoon, according to university course listings, the Indianapolis Star reported.


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