Is THIS what Dems want for their Party? Pelosi & Behar outdo each other with insane Trump comparisons

Do they REALLY believe they’re helping their base?

Antifa thugs caught showing off their Beta skills as they furiously try to fight a sign – and the sign wins!

“It persisted!”

MSNBC panel is completely flummoxed over President Trump’s supposedly new ‘nuanced’ tone

“There’s no meds. No meds … We kibitz here.”

‘Rich kids’ snookered into jet setting to ‘celeb-filled’ island, but shocked & scared soon after arrival

“Worse than a refugee camp.”

Befuddled Schumer beclowns himself when he can’t name ONE Dem who can beat Trump in 2020

“Best laugh I had all day!”

President Trump to thunderous NRA crowd: ‘8 year assault on Second Amendment’ is OVER

“You came through for me.”

Breastfeeding mom lawyers up when her church allegedly asks her to move to a private room

“I never leave to go anywhere to feed my baby.”

DCNF Exclusive: Only TWO house Intel Dems have bothered to examine Rice ‘unmasking’ docs

“The Republican side staff is heavily engaged for weeks.”

HGTV’S top stars are in the spotlight again, and could be in for some trouble as targets of new lawsuit

After facing down liberal outrage because they happened to be Christians, HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are now facing trouble of a different sort. According […]

Meanwhile, the Austrian president says there will be a need to ask ALL women to wear headscarves

“Rise up women. It’s your last chance.”

Godsend program for victims of illegal alien crime becomes heartless opportunity for Leftist ‘pranksters’

“It means everything to us.”

‘5 o’clock will never be the same!’ Fox News announces new ‘Specialists’ show in scheduling shakeup

The new show will be replacing ‘The Five’s’ old time slot.