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Godsend program for victims of illegal alien crime becomes heartless opportunity for Leftist ‘pranksters’

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President Trump delivered on an important promise, and the self-proclaimed ‘resistance’ will sabotage at any cost.

Those who lost loved ones to acts of violence committed by illegal immigrants have finally been given a voice by the Trump administration — and now scores of cruel pranksters are trying to take it all away.

Screenshot of Joshua Wilkerson

“Angel Mom” Laura Wilkerson appeared on “Fox & Friends” Friday to discuss the Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement office, or VOICE, established by the Trump administration for victims of crimes committed those who arrived here illegally.

“It means everything to us,” Wilkerson said of the new program.

Wilkerson, whose son Joshua was murdered by an illegal alien when he was 18, told “Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt that she and others like her began petitioning Washington for a national program to assist immigrant crime victims in 2015.

Their requests went unanswered until Trump assumed office and VOICE was established.

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Clip via Fox News Channel

But what was a long-awaited godsend for the victims became a heartless opportunity for those who support open borders and sanctuary jurisdictions.

VOICE, under the guidance of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, established a hotline for anyone “impacted by crimes committed by removable criminal aliens.”

Honing in on the word “aliens,” the pranksters, who believe that the program unfairly targets illegal immigrants, tied up facilities with reports of extra-terrestrial sightings, and others are encouraged on social media to do the same with the trending hashtag #AlienDay.

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Here’s a word to the pranksters. If you’re too stoned, lazy, unimaginative or addle-brained to come up with your own story of alien abduction, try this one.

You witnessed an alien beat someone with a pole, busting it into four pieces, then strangle and torture him until he died. Then the alien tied the victim’s body up, tossed it into a field like a sack of garbage and set it on fire.

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Screenshot of Hermilo Moralez

You can even give the alien’s name — Hermilo Moralez, who arrived here illegally as a DREAMer.

The victim was Joshua Wilkerson, who offered schoolmate Moralez a ride home and got murdered for his act of kindness.

Josh was Angel Mom Laura Wilkerson’s son until his young life was snuffed out seven years ago.


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