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Is THIS what Dems want for their Party? Pelosi & Behar outdo each other with insane Trump comparisons

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It often seems that those on the left are in a competition to outdo each other on making outrageous and ridiculous statements.

If that is the case, it’s going to be tough to determine the winner in this weeks wacko sweepstakes.

On Thursday, Joy Behar took the early advantage when she compared President Donald Trump’s executive order calling for a review of federally protected lands to the Islamic State’s destruction of museums and art in the Middle East.

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“I was thinking when I read this, how is this so different than ISIS attacking all the antiquities in Syria, and Libya I think it was,” she said. “I mean they just destroy history and we are totally against that. We think it’s a horrible thing they are doing. That’s what he wants to do.”

Comparing President Trump to ISIS is not uncharted territory for “The View.”

In June, Behar accused him of “working with ISIS to kill us.”

And in Dec. 2015, Goldberg said he “seems to be doing a very good job for ISIS, and I think he should be on the watch list.”

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Not to be outdone, House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi had her own comparison to make of the president when asked by a reporter if she could say something positive about him.

“This morning he had three tweets,” she said. “I was thinking he was more of a creature that stalked the night, that these things just came out at night like a vampire.”

That’s right, she compared him to a vampire.

It these two don’t represent the lunacy that has taken place since Trump’s Inauguration nothing does. And if this is the direction the Democrat Party and liberals are going to take — to double down on rage and insults — then one would think election 2020 will be shoo-in for the GOP.

It’s a tough competition between these two, but do you think statements like these ultimately hurt or bolster their party?

Who doesn’t want to see the first GOP millennial Latina beat the pants off of de Blasio for NYC mayor?

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