MSNBC panel is completely flummoxed over President Trump’s supposedly new ‘nuanced’ tone

MSNBC panelists discussing the changes in President Donald Trump’s tone suggested that perhaps his “meds have changed.”

“The president has to be careful not to be rash in the way he announces things,” BBC journalist Katty Kay said during a panel discussion on “Morning Joe” that focused on Trump’s interview with Reuters in which he spoke about North Korea and the fact that the presidency is a harder job than he expected.

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“I want to pick up on that word nuance. It’s something that I’m seeing. It feels very relieving,” panelist Donny Deutsch said. “Notice, when he’s speaking now, he’s speaking in much more hushed tones.”

“It’s a nuance,” he added,  “but there’s not the volume to the voice and the words themselves, even when he describes the North Korean leader as, ‘I’m not saying this, I’m not saying this,’ kind of presenting facts, there seems to be a much more nuanced, rational, restrained — yes, there’s still the political Tourette’s, and we still get some of these ridiculous things — but if you really step back and, if you just landed from Mars in the last two weeks and you really listened to the president, both in tone and content, you would say maybe there’s a bit more normalcy going on there.”

Co-host Willie Geist suggested that Trump’s upcoming rally on Saturday may not showcase a nuanced viewpoint, but Deutsch was convinced something in Trump’s tone has been altered.

“You might see more nuance, the volume will go up, but there is something that has happened — whether it’s (Steve) Bannon going away, whatever it is, something — the meds have changed,” Deutsch said. “Whatever it is, something has turned a bit in the last few weeks.”

“There are no meds involved,” Geist quipped.

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“There’s no meds. No meds,” Deutsch quickly clarified. “We kibitz here. It’s a Jewish word. We kibitz on Morning Joe.”

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