Antifa thugs caught showing off their Beta skills as they furiously try to fight a sign – and the sign wins!

The masked thugs of Antifa didn’t lift a finger to pick a fight with the Free Speech patriots that came to campus yesterday.

They were on surprisingly good behavior when faced with people prepared to defend themselves, so two of them decided to pick on something more their speed.

Two of the masked, black clad, hoodlums kicked furiously at a poor defenseless sign. It’s not clear what the sign read, but it was offensive enough (we know, it doesn’t take much) to try, and the key word here is try, to detroy it.

And, if you needed anymore proof of their Beta status beyond the backpacks and skinny jeans… the sign won the fight.

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But fear not.

All of their hard work was not in vain because social media had a good laugh at their expense.

That seems to be a safe bet.

That’s plausible.

It’s not certain if Pajama Boy was one of the hoodlums. I guess that’s why they wear the masks.

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Carmine Sabia


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