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Obama ‘concerned’ about ongoing Chicago bloodbath, but has no ‘specific prescription to put forward’

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In a nutshell, White House spokesman Josh Earnest’s job is to stand at a podium in front of the White House press corps and ‘explain’ absurd, unworkable liberal policies to the entire country, and do it all with a straight face.

If that’s not one of the toughest jobs around, I don’t know what is.

But all in all, Earnest generally does his job, such that it is, pretty well, especially considering the liberal, pandering, acquiescent press he gets to deal with.

Except on Tuesday, when NBC’s Ron Allen stumbled onto a question Earnest really didn’t have a good answer for – the gun violence in Chicago.

It seemed like a typical liberal question that begged a typical liberal response – more gun laws! Except, Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws around and, while Earnest had to at least give a nod to that liberal narrative, the issue is deeper than that and he seemed to know it.

Touting historically low overall national crime levels (of course, conceal carry and the rise in gun ownership really has NOTHING to do with any of that, right Josh?), Earnest acknowledged the “spike” in some communities.

“Chicago, unfortunately, is one of those communities,” he said. “The president does believe this is something worthy of our attention,” and is “deeply concerned about addressing some of the root causes of violence in those communities.”

Ironically to conservatives who have been pointing this out for years, Earnest actually chastised the media for their focus on mass shootings instead of the near-constant carnage in Chicago and other places.

When asked if there is something “really more specific that the president thinks should happen like now,” Earnest responded with the real kicker:

“Well, I’m not aware of any specific prescription that the president’s prepared to put forward to address the situation just in Chicago. I know Mayor [Rahm] Emanuel’s quite focused on that, and I certainly would have a lot of confidence in his ability to work through some of these issues and see if there are some specific local solutions that can be implemented.”

Yep, when all else fails, leave it to the likes of Rahm Emanuel. Suffice it to say, I’m not holding my breath!

Watch the clip below:


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