4-year-old boy is thrown off a three-story bridge…while his mother cheers

A disturbing scene unfolded for a young Washington State man as he witnessed a small child being thrown from a three-story bridge – for fun.

Kaylub Fawley posted a video to his Facebook account that showed the boy as he was tossed into water below, appearing to land on his upper back. “This is what happens when some parents just don’t care,” Fawley wrote.

A woman, allegedly the child’s mother, can be heard cheering as the young boy is hurled from the bridge. The police were called, according to Fawley who wrote, “I hope this isn’t just waived by and looked over.”

The Facebook video has been viewed over 600,000 times since it was posted on August 25 and eventually made the local news where details emerged about the incident that shocked Fawley and his friends.

He recalled he was about to take a picture of his friend when he saw the activity on the bridge along the Wynoochee River in Montesano, Fawley told KING 5-TV.

“I saw the little boy and I had a gut feeling, I was like alright I got to start recording this, and as soon as I started recording, he went off,” he said. “As soon as he hit the water, my heart sank, I felt so bad, I didn’t know what to do.”

Brianna Jones, who was swimming nearby with friends, witnessed the incident. “He was screaming and crying, it was terrible,” she told KING 5.

According to the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office, the 4-year-old was not hurt but police were investigating the boy’s mother and a male acquaintance on charges of reckless endangerment. Child Protective Services was also involved, according to KING 5.

A few days after the initial post, Fawley commented on his Facebook page:

“So many people have been messaging me about this and some of the messages I’ve been getting are saying your doing a good job by showing this to the world and to put it on the news people would want to see this and some other messages of people saying this is wrong of me to put them on blast and then someone said ” how would you feel if you were the one who threw the baby off and now your face is all over the country” ? I just say well like a bad parent beacuse I wouldn’t do that to an innocent child.”

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Video from KING 5 TV.

Frieda Powers


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