Ann Coulter talks about that time she invited a black Uber driver to a Breitbart party

Ann Coulter has been a huge Donald Trump supporter, no doubt about it. In a recent visit with Fox News host Sean Hannity the best-selling author noted how sick and tired she is of the media branding every Trump fan a “racist.” She even invited a black Uber driver to her book party because of CNN’s race baiting.

Here is what she told Hannity:

Breitbart had a book party for “In Trump We Trust” last night, and I was on my way there in an Uber car. The Uber driver said “Do you mind if I listen to the news,” and the whole thing is — apparently CNN I found out — with them all talking about Breitbart being this racist organization. They’re all racist and they’re racist. And I said “What are you listening to,” and then told him — he’s a black cab driver, an Uber driver — and I said you are taking me to a party at this horrible racist — because I’m bursting out laughing at all this, and I invited him to come to the party so he could see all the scary racists there.

No wonder CNN has been turning up in last place in some important demos in the cable news ratings race.


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