Looks like Donald Trump has Hillary between a rock and a hard place over who ‘founded’ ISIS

GOP nominee Donald Trump has Democrat Hillary Clinton in a bit of a pickle with his latest string of attacks, saying President Obama and the former secretary of state are responsible for the rise of the Islamic State.

After saying Obama is the “founder of ISIS” and Clinton is the “co-founder” of the Islamic terrorist organization, Trump immediately put House Democrats in a bind when they rushed to blame something else for the group’s rise.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tried to come to Clinton’s rescue and called Trump’s statements “verbal poo-poo.” She added that the Iraq War was to blame for the rise of ISIS, a war that she voted against, according to the Washington Times.

But, there’s just one problem. Clinton voted for the Iraq War, making Pelosi’s argument even more in line with Trump’s original statement.

And while the media is in full hysteria over Trump’s comments, Trump is saying that “Everyone’s liking it. I think they’re liking it,” according to the Hill.

This may be true, as Twitter users are cheering on Trump’s remarks.

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