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Trump announced his big move on the campaign trail in order to win election: ‘It’s set up, we have to do it’

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GOP nominee Donald Trump may soon make a turn-around in the general election against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee, a former governor of Arkansas, sat down with Trump on Friday for a lengthy discussion, where Trump promised to go all-out on the campaign trail to secure a win.


“It’s set up and we have to do it. It’s so important. We have 90 days left and I wanna maximize the time,” Trump said. “I just feel that I have no choice. I have to really go full blast and get this thing done because we will make America great again.

“If you don’t have the stamina, if you don’t have the whatever that is you have to have, the country’s in trouble — not you — the country’s in trouble,” Trump said.

“I’ve always said Hillary doesn’t have the stamina, but you just need a great deal of strength for us to come out a winner.”

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